White background with a photo of a Gibbons truck and packaging materials. Red and blue text reads "Gibbons Moving Tips" above a moving blue truck icon.

When planning a move, book your removal company as soon as your closing date is fixed. Ensure that service provider is licensed and offers insurance and a full range of services.

If you are packing breakables yourself, ensure that you use suitable cartons, sealed and clearly marked for ease of identification later.

Gather your documents and valuables and keep them in a safe place.

Disconnect all appliances and defrost your fridge and freezer prior to removal.

Ensure that clothing, curtains, carpets etc are cleaned prior to storing. Moth deterrent should be applied to clothing.

Ensure transit bolts are available for your washing machine. Find them now.

Goods going into storage or to separate locations should be clearly identified.

Flammable goods, foods, paints, etc should NOT be stored.

Antiques and items of high value should be listed with value stated.

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